Monte Resegone

Monte Resegone - 1.875m

An easy, beautiful mountain at Lecco. An easy mountain because you can reach both summits on a normal walking path.

And only one hour drive from Bergamo or Milan Malpensa Airport.

In my opinion, it’s a great mountain to get an introduction to mountain hiking.

There are several stops, refuges to get on your breath or get some water.

The lowest summit is Piani D’Erna at 1.350m. This summit you can reach on 3 different ways, starting from the parking place.

•With the cable car

•The normal walking path (1) via Refuge Steffano

•The via ferrata (straight up)

The highest point is ‘Punta Cermenati’ at 1875m. This point you can reach in different ways as well. But on a normal walking path.

In good weather conditions you can do this trip (up and down) in about 5 or 6 h.

To get an idea how weather can change in the mountains, the photo's below were taken on the same day !!!!

On the official website of Lecco you can download a map of all the tracks on this mountain. (Official website)