Pizzo Arera - Italy

Pizzo Arera (2.450 m) - Italy

Pizzo Arera is a 2.450m high mountain in the 'Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche'.

I'ts an easy mountain to walk up to. In normal conditions you don't need special equipment.

You can start your climb at 1.500m at Rifugio Ca' d'Arera (S.A.B.A), where you can find a parking spot. From here it's about 35min walk till you reach Rifugio Capanna 2000 at 2.000m .

In summertime, it's possible to drink or eat something at this Rifugio. This is the last stop to get water or food !!!

The walk to this Rifugio is easy, a nice road with some small loose stones. There are two ways to this point.

1 - At the car park with your face up to the mountain , go straight up.

2 - At the car park with your face up to the mountain , go to the right and take the winding road up.

From this point (2.000m) it's getting a little bit more difficult. You can see there is only one way up to the top.

It's a path with loose stones. It takes about 1h to 1h30 to get to the top from now.

Around 2.400m you have go down for a few meters, than take a 'via ferrata' up  for about 20m. It's very easy, you don't need ropes for this. You can't look over it.

After this you can continue you trip to the top. On a normal path.

I've done this mountain 3 times till now.

  1° till 2.400m , started too late to get to the top  ( flight back home ).

  2° reached the top. On a nice, clear day.

  3° till 2.360m , started in fog, at 2.200m above the clouds, but because there was snow on the path I stopped at         .      2.360m. The risk was too high.

How to reach the mountain by car :

I always came from Bergamo. Here you can follow the SP35 and SP65 to Serio, before the town 'Ponte Rossa' you turn left on SP46. Keep following this way up for about 15km. You will reach 'Zambla Alta' , drive trough it and follow the sign of the mountain.