Monte Grignetta

Monte Grignetta 2.177m - Italy

It's a beautifull mountain (2.177m) near Lecco. There are multiple ways to reach the top.

The starting point of every track is at 'Piani Dei Resineli. Here you can park your car. On this square is a rifugio to take some water or food with you.

First follow the signs to 'Rifugio Porta' , it's to the right direction when you're looking to the mountain. It's a normal road up.

From here you have to choose wich way you're going to take.

  n° 1 : easy , east side of the mountain

  n° 7 : straight up

  n° 8 : west side of the mountain with 'via ferrata'

I've done this mountain two times, first time path n°7 - n°3 - n°1 up and n° 7 down.

The second time I took path n°8 up ( with the 'via ferrata' and n°3 - n° 7 down.

On top of the mountain. You will get some great views. On the noth the higher mountains. On the west the Lagio Di Como. On the south side Lecco and Monte Resegone and on the east side Pizzo Arerea and the ohter mountains.