Sicily - Italy

Sicily - Italy

My trip ( December 2016 ) brought me to Sicily. The most south part of Italy. I went there for 5 days, which is actualy just too short to explore the island.

This trip brought me from Palermo to Catania and back to Palermo via Messina.

My first plan was to rent a car and drive through the island so I could visit some smaller villages. Unfortunately the rental car was too expensive, so the other option was by train. Which was a good way to travel. There are good connections between the 3 main city's. So there's no problem with that, the only problem there is when you want to visit some smaller villages by train. The connections aren't that good.


A city on the Noth side of the island. A busy port city where you can spot some big cruise ships. In the city center you can find the usual touristiy sights. There's the cathedral build in Arab-Norman style. A UNESCO world heritage. Also get on their rooftop.

Close to the station, there's the botanic garden. A quiet place to escape from the busy city. It's 5€ to visit this garden.

There are many more things to visit in the city center, but like all other Italian city's, just walk through some alleys and you discover the most.

To get from the airport to the city center, there are multiple options. By bus, which brings you to 2 places in the city and will cost 7€. Another option is on a shared taxi. It's a minivan for 8 people and charge 7€ or 8€ per person. The advantage of this one is that he will drop you off at your destination ( or with inn 50m ). And of course a private taxi, but like everywhere this isn't the cheapest way.


The city in the shadow of the Etna. Everywhere in the city you can see the volcano. On the rooftop of the 'Chiesa della Badia di Sant'Agata', you can get the best view in my opinion. There are also multiple company's offering day trips on the volcano. And in winter time even possible to ski on it.

Even here, the best way to discover is to walk through the many alleys. In some streets there's a market.             One spot you have to visit, is the daily fish market ( behind Piazza del Duomo ). Fresh fish, caught a few hours ago.    Feel the atmosphere over here !!!


Stopped here for a few hours, because I had to change the train here.

This port city mainly connects Sicily with the Italian mainland. It wasn't my most favorite city of this trip. Maybe because it's smaller than Palermo and Catania ? But still, there are some sights. I went up to 'Santuario Parrocchia S.Maria Di Montalto', over here you get a nice view over the city and the street of Messina.


In Palermo I stopped at 'Antica focacceria di San Francesco'. A great spot to have a quick bite in a cozy and authentic setting.

In Catania I went to 'Polpetteria'. A typical Sicilian restaurant in a nice alley. Famous for their 'meatballs'. If you don't want to eat these, they serve also pizza's.