Rome - Italy

Rome - Italy

December 2015 , stayed for 2 days in Rome. Beautiful city . Very touristic but what did you expect. Highlights are of course the Colosseum, forum, the Vatican, …

But like many other cities there are still places where you still just can unwind without a lot of tourists.

If you arrive at the airport “Fiumicino” you can take the train to the city center, 20 to 30 minutes, € 14 one way.

I bought a Roma Pass, 48h for € 24. This implies: use of metro and one access to a top attraction.

You can buy it online or at the office in the central station of Rome.

For the Coliseum and the Forum, I bought a ticket online for € 14, because otherwise you will have to wait long

at the cash desk. And with the online ticket it took 10 min to get inside the Coliseum !!!!!!!

To do less touristic sites I emigrated to the European district, easily accessible by subway. This is something you should do if you’ve seen everything in the center.

The church San Paolo Fuori le Mura is certainly worth. If you take a stop next to the European neighborhood you arrive at another basilica. Obliquely opposite you will find a large white building, the 'Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro'.

The nice thing about this neighborhood is that you come across some local people.

Another thing which gives a nice picture, is ‘keyhole’. Here you can look through the keyhole of the Palace of Malta. You look straight on the dome of the Vatican.

How to get there?  You stand with your back to ‘Circo Massimo and the Forum’ on ‘Via del Circo Massimo’. You see a park you can walk through, this hike to the top ‘Via di Valle Murcia’ until you eventually come at the square .   Just before the keyhole pass you have a park where you have a beautiful view of the city !!!

Food :

Enoteca Regionale Palatium , Via Frattina 94

Pizzarium , Via Della Meloria 4  , best pizza snack                 

Primo , Via Del Pigneto 48                                                             

Bar Pompi , multiple addresses , best tiramisu