Pisa ~ Lucca - Italy

Pisa ~ Lucca - Italy

If you say Pisa, you will think about one thing. The leaning Tower !

And shortly said, that's it. In that way it wasn’t by best trip.

In itself it is a beautiful city but I expected more of the city than only the Tower.

To reach the city from the airport it’s very easy. You can take the bus, which brings you in 5 min to the central station. Or you can walk about 15 min. If you book your room at 'Hotel Bologna', they will pick you up at the airport when you make a reservation directly with them.

The city isn’t so big so you can visit it in one day. Thats why it’s ideal to visit when your on transit or want to combine different city’s. Like I combined it with Lucca.

You have the Tower, the 'Cattedrale' and the 'Battistero' ( 15€ entrance ). This is the place where all the crowd is.

But there are also many small streets and alleys to walk trough.

You can start your walk at the central station, go direction of the Piazza Vittoria, the main shopping street, till you reach Piazza XX Septembre. You cross the ‘Ponte di mezzo’ to Piazza Garibaldi. From here you can walk trough the old city center, to finally reach the tower via the Piazza dei Cavalier.

Because I’ve seen Pisa in one day I traveled the next day by train to Lucca.

A city 17 km north of Pisa. Where you will find less tourists, beautiful buildings, nice squares  and alleys.

You can take a walk trough the city by following the covered walk.

When you want a high view over the town you can walk up to the ‘Guinigi Tower’, a tower in the middle of the town with trees on it ! (4€)

If you want to relax for a moment , there are enough places to stop. Some drink, eat something, a gelato,….

Plenty of choice.

I took a pizza slice at 'Pizzaria da' Felice' on Via Buia, a small pizza house to take a quick snack.

Around the corner on Via Santa Lucia you will find 'Amadio Giusti', it should be also a nice place.

So it’s certainly worth a trip to Lucca.

To reach the city , you can take the train at Pisa Centrale to Lucca. An easy 30 min train ride for 3 or 4 €. When you exit the station at Lucca, just cross the street. And your in the city center.

By car, it’s also easy, and there are enough parking spots on the edge of the center.