Montserrat - Spain

Montserrat - Spain

When your in Barcelona this one is worth a trip.

It's a monastery on a hill 50 km west of Barcelona .

The monastery is build on a rock at 600 m . You will reach this by cable car .

When you're up there you will find the Monastery , a church and a museum .

If you want to hike on this hill, it's also possible. There are multiple routes. One goes to the top of the hill ( 1200 m

How to reach :

From Barcelona, you can easily take the train to Monserrat . It's one hour drive .

You go to the underground station ' Placa Espagna ' . There you will follow the sign (    ) down .

When you're there you see a small office of the Monserrat . Over there you ask for the ticket you want and they will send you with a number to a contributor on a ticket machine