Milan - Italy

Milan - Italy

A place where i've been four times since now . First time for one day , the other times for two days.

Honestly I had another opinion about the city before I went to there . Fashion city, haughty people, rich people , …

But acctualy there is more than this . Off course it's a fashion city , you can't look over it. But it's highly recomendable as a city trip .

You will start your walk at the famous Duomo at Piazza del Duomo . The church of Milan with an entrance on the left side of head to the rooftop ( TOP !!! ). The best time to do this is in the morning, later in the day you will lose time by standing in line !!

Defnitely go back in the evening !!!! To see the gallery and Duomo in nighttime.

When standing with your back to the Duomo, you will find the Museo Del Novecento on your left. A museum which combines modern art with classic art. The building itself is also a piece of art. Another great museum is Fondatione Prada at Largo Isarco.

On the left side of the square you will find the big gallery Vittorio Emanuella II. With in the middle a big dome and on the floor the 4 coats of arms of Florence, Rome, Milan and Torino.

On the end of the gallery is the Palazzo Marino.

When your're on the square you can get easily to the Castello . A castle with behind a big park. When the weather is good, most people come here for a pick-nick .

In this park you can get up to the Branca Tower to get a nice view over the city.

Another place you can visit to get a great view over the city is , Palazzo Lombardia. It's a building of the goverment but on Sunday you can take the elevator to the 39th floor.

Maybe a weird place to be nice is the Cimitero Monumentale. A big cemetery with tompstones like art. And a huge entrance.

People who want to see the 'last supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci could go to the Sant a Maria Della Grazie church .

It's situated on Corso Magenta. It's a small church.

A modern side of the city you will find at Gae Aulenti, a neighborhood with big, high office buildings and private appartments . If you walk from the Piazza Gae Aulenti to Piaza XXV Aprile, you will find some nice shops and restaurants. 10 Corso Como is a nice one. It's a restaurant, art galley, shop in one nice building. On the Piazza XXV Aprile there's Eataly. It's acctualy a supermarket with only Italian products. There are a few restaurants in the shop.

Another modern part of the city you can find at 'CityLife', it's NorthWest of the Castello. Some parts of it are already finished. You can get there on foot of with the subay ( TreTorri ). There are office buildings and privite residences.

When your hungry, it isn't difficult to find something. In every neighborhood is something.

Here's a short list with some restaurants.


  * Un Posto A Milano, real italian kitchen in an authentic setting ( Via Privata Cuccagna, 2 )

  * Nhero , to get a nice lunch ( Via Felice Casati 44 )

  * Sabatini , real Italian food, less tourists ( Via Ruggero Boscovich, 54 )

  * Gran Italia , great pizza's ( Via Palermo, 5 )

  * Around Piazza S.Simpiciano you will find a lot of restaurants.

  * Spontini , takeaway pizza slize ( multiple addresses, I went to the Duomo )

  * Cioccolatitaliani , if you want a special ice-cream.

You can reach Milan in different ways . I traveled via Milan Bergamo Airport . There are flight with Ryanair for 10 € one way .

When you are arriving at this airport you have to take a one hour ( sometimes 30min ) bus ride to Milan Centrale     ( 5 € /single ) .

Milan Malpensa is also an option ( also cheap flights and a bus ride from 8€/single way )

Linate is the final option , it's the closest airport to the city. But you can't get there with Ryanair.

To move around the city you can easily take the subway for far distances . Good and quick connections .            The rest of the city can be done on foot .

I bought the Milano Card at the airport . This includes some discount to museum and use of public transportation .

  * public transportation

  * Branca Tower ( free )

  * Highline Galeria ( free )

  * Boat Tours

  * discount at some restaurants or bars