Tokyo, the capital of Japan. My journey starts here and ends here. It's one of the 47 prefectures or provinces

of Japan. Tokyo means 'Eastern capital' .

Every 23 neighborhoods of Tokyo are managed as a separate city and together they cover the area of the

historic city.

Within this zone, mid 2012 more than 8.7 million inhabitants lived. The total population of this Tokyo Prefecture on July 1, 2012 was over 13.2 million inhabitants.

A small impression how close the buildings are built together

The city surprised me in the positive sense. My first thought was that it was a busy, hectic, confusing city.

But I had to forget these thoughts immediately. A metropolis where rest, discipline prevails.

There are of course always places where it's a bit crowded, or at rush hour. But that's everywhere.

To fully discover the city, it is advisable to spend a few days there. The various neighborhoods are easily accessible by metro (about 7 € per day).

Because there is so much to do and see in this metropolis, I put my personal best in line.

° Tsukiji fish market ( best from 5 am )

° Tsukiji outer market (small streets with litte food stalls)

° Tokyo Tower

° Tokyo Metroplitan Goverment Offices (free and best view over the city)

° Tokyo central station

° Imperial Palace

° Tokyo International Forum

° Hama-rikyu Onshi-teien (garden)

° Roppongi Hills

° Shibuya Crossing

° Akihabara area

° Ueno-Koen (public park)

° Senso-ji temple

° Ginza shopping district

° ...........

**** These are the best photo's I still have, after hard disk failure.