Kyoto or Kioto is a city in the middle of Japan, with a population of around 1.5 million people (2008).

In the past, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan, but it is now only the capital of the Kyoto Prefecture.

Kioto is part of the Greater Osaka agglomeration. It is also considered the Japanese capital of Japan.

The atmosphere in the city also radiates some calmness, even through this isn't a small city.

The most famous places of this city are on the hills. Which are perfectly reachable by public transportation.

Kinkakuji-temple , this is the most popular and most beautifull temple you will find. This temple is located north

of the city. You pay 400Y to visit the gardens of this temple and to get a view of the temple. You can combine

this with a visit to the Ryoanji Temple. These are located about 500m west of this temple.

The Arashiyama / Sagano area is located west of the city. Find here with the bamboo forest and the monkey forest. 2 great places you should not miss.

For a visit to the monkey forest, you must defend a climb of almost 1 km. Once you you reach the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of Kyoto. On this hill, the monkeys run freely. Human shame they are not real.

Not that they come straight to you, but they do not run away right away. You pay 500Y access fee.

You must have seen the bamboo forest. Meters high bamboo trees grown close together. The path will be about 500m long, but it's beautiful meters. On this path you will also encounter 2 or 3 Japanese gardens, which are also worth the effort to take a look at.

On the eastern side of the city is the hill with the thousands of shrines, Fushimi Inari shrine, a laid-back path,

where you can climb up to 233m. For the full tour you can feel free to count 2. The higher you go, the quieter

it becomes. So do not stop at the beginning to take pictures, but walk up one end first.

Of course, there are many things to do in the city itself. If you arrive by train, you can already make your first visit. Kyoto station, a large modern station. Take the escalator on the side of Kyoto Tower all the way up !!!

Next to the station you will find Kyoto Tower. Not so spectacular, but you'll get a view of the city. Further north you will reach Nijo Castle.

From here, you can continue your way to Kyoto Imperial Palace. The royal palace of Kyoto located in a large park with wide roads.