Hamburg - Germany

Hamburg - Germany

A city in the North side of Germany. It should be the second biggest city in the country?

I went to the city for two days. With a cheap ‘Ryanair’ flight (16€ round-trip).

In my opinion, it isn’t the city, you should put on your bucket list or your top 5 citytrips. But it’s nice for a small citytrip close to home. So two days were enough.

It’s mainly a port city. And the old part is still intact, with the warehouses which are still in use. A beautiful neighborhood, especially in the evening.

Everything is at a walking distance. But if you want to take the public transportation to get to the other side of the city, it’s easy to use.

To get from the airport to the city center, just take the subway. There’s one line direct to/from the airport to the central station. (3.20€)

One building you can’t miss is the opera house. A huge and beautiful concert building. To get a view inside the concert hall, you have to book a guided tour. Something you have to do ahead.

For those (like I’ve done) which didn’t book the guided tour, there’s a free entrance to the middle of the building to get a panoramic view over the city and harbour.

The St. Pauli Elb tunnel isn’t that so special. It’s just the thought it dates from 1911 and the story behind it.

The city center is a nice, peaceful area. With some smaller waterways. Multiple churches can be visited, some art museums, …

So like I told before, a nice city for a short visit.