Copenhagen - Denmark


Surprising ! That’s the first word that comes to my mind.

I’ve been there for 3 time till now. And every time it surprised me. Honestly I hadn’t big expectations of the city.

I thought is was a rather small city with some tourist attractions and other small things.

This opinion I had to revise directly.

The city gave a pleasant, restful and safe impression. The mentality is different from other European city’s.

I flew from Brussels South Charleroi to Copenhagen. If you take a look on Ryanair there are many dates you can fly for 20 € round trip, like I did. You arrive at Copenhagen Kastrup airport, from there you can take a train

(20 min. , 4.8€ ) to Copenhagen central station ( Kobenhavn H ).

To move around the city I rented a bicycle , 2 times . Because it's a bike friendly city it’s the best and cheapest

way . Copenhagen bikes and Bycklen.

Like other Scandinavian country’s, Denmark isn’t also the cheapest. The prices are remarkable a little bit higher than other country’s in Europe.

This is something you will see when you’re looking for a hotel.

The first time I stayed in 'Wakeupcopenhagen', a modern , dignified and well situated hotel . I payed around 80€ for a room with breakfast . The rooms are rather small , but how much time you spend in your room?

The breakfast was really fine .

The second time I stayed in 'Generatorhostel' on a room with 6 beds. However I had my doubts about staying in this way, it wasn’t so bad.  It isn’t something I would do every week , but occasionally. I payed 30€ for the bed and breakfast. The breakfast is basic, but good. It’s also a nice way to meet some new people from everywhere.

Looking for sights isn’t a problem . Plenty of choice. The 'National Gallery' is a beautiful and nice museum. You get free access to the most part. Here you will find modern art and art from the 19th century.

There is also free wifi.

‘The sight ‘ of the city you can’t miss . The Mermaid . Actually she’s sitting somewhere lonely, just outside the city center on the river bank

When I went to the mermaid I started my trip at the WakeupCopenhagen hotel on the left side of the river . If you follow this way up you pass other interesting things. Like the library ‘the diamond’, a modern building which is freely accessible. You enter the modern part of it first, when you take the escalator to the first floor and go straight you will enter the old part of it .

Further you have the classic sights :

  * ChristiansborgSlot

  * Nationalmuseet

  * Different churches in the city center

  * The Canal by boat

  * AmalienborSlot

  * Disighnmuseum Danmark

  * Kastellet

  * Marmorkirken

  * RosenborgSlot


The neighborhood ‘Christianshavn’ is

also nice, and Christiana as well.

It’s the alternative neighborhood of

Copenhagen, but on a certain way you

don’t have an unsafe feeling.

It’s rather a hip neighborhood with some

good restaurants and off course the

'Vor Frelsers Kirke' with the spiral tower .

Here you get anothter nice view over

the city ( 35 DK).

If you're a food lover , there is also a lot to choose from . There are 2 places in the city with some small food stalls . 'Papiroen' ( Christianshavn ) and 'Torvehallerne' ( Norrebro ) . Papiroen is at the river side across the national theater. A mall with different stalls where you can taste small of some bigger things. When the weather is good you can sit outside at the riverside.

'Torvehallerne' is almost the same as 'Papiroen' but it’s more dignified . My favorits are 'MaPoule' , 'Summerbird' and 'Hallernes Smorrebrod'. It’s also situated in the city center, so it’s great to take a pit stop over here when you’re exploring the city.

Further there is enough choice to eat something. In the meatpacking district you will defenetly find something.

In 'Istedgade street' you find also nice places to eat. I went to 'Neighbourhood' for a special version of a pizza.

Some classics of denmark are ‘Smorrebrod’ and 'Flodeboller'.

For my third visit I went to the 'Louisiana Museum'. A museum with modern art a few kilometers outside the city.

It's actually the best museum I've visited so far ( personally ). The hole package makes it super. Beautiful art in a nice surroundings. The hole house (building) is a museum, great architecture.

You can spend the whole day. Go visit the garden as well. Great pieces of art and in the background Sweden.

To get to the museum. You can take the train to Humlebaek. It's a train station 1 km from the museum. Take the train in Copenhagen H to here. Follow the signs and you reach the museum. The train ride costs 92 DK. The entrance to the museum 125 DK.

So I'm looking forward to my next visit to the city.