Cinque Terre - Italia

Cinque Terre - Italy

The Cinque Terre, a wonderful National Park situated on the Mediterranean between Pisa and Genoa. To be specific, between La Spezia and Levanto. 

The literal meaning of 'cinque terre' is '5 villages' (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al mare) that are connected with a walking path along the coast (and with a railway line).

So there are 2 ways to move around those 5 villages. The easiest ways is by train. A 2 or 3 minute ride will bring you to the next village. there are 2 trains every hour. Keep in mind that trains could be very crowd in summer time.

Another way is on foot. Every village is connected with a hiking path. The longest connection is 3 km (Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza)  and takes between 1h30m and 2h. But the views are spectacular. Bring water with you on this path, there's no possebility to refuel. The connection between the other villages are shorter. But still a minimum of 1h walking.

If you want to use this hiking path, you have to buy a Cinque Terre Card. Which includes use of the train and the hiking paths (13€ for one day). If you only want to use the hiking path, the ticket will cost you 7.5€/day .


This is your first stop if you travel from La Spezia. When you step off the train you can take tunnel to reach the center, or you can go around to see a great panorama of the town and the sea. Take the street upstairs when you come out of the station (Via Telemaco Signiori).

If you like an adventure and want to take a nice picture, you can carefully cling over the rocks in the sea.


Probably the most famous of all 5. If you travel by train in the morning you will see when you reach Vernazza, because most of the people get off in this town.

It has the same structure as the other towns. Same color of buildings, multiple restaurants and bars, souvenir shop, ....

So what makes this town more special than the other villages. The Castello Doria, the cosy square at the harbor, the views over the villages. And the stories behind the church in the harbor.

if you want to get some nice pictures of this village, you have to climb a little bit. On the Castello side you can get one with the small beach. On the other side of the village you shoot one with the harbor.

Monterosso al Mare - Manarola - Corniglia

I will give a brief explanation about the last three villages.

Monterosso al Mare is recomended for beach lovers. It has 2 beaches, shops and restaurants. The ideal setting for tourists who will relax for a day. If you travel by car, you can reach this village easily. Parking is provides near the beach and on the streets above. (Not recomended in summer, but possible)

Manarola and Corniglia are situated between Riomaggiore and Vernazza. These villages are smaller than the once I've discrived above. But still worth to visit.

Getting there

Like discribed above, the best way to discover these 5 villages is by train. Most people take a trian at La Spezia station. The station has an underground parking, but if your lucky you will find a parking spot in one of the small streets near the station. Its's also possible to start from Levanto if your coming from the north of Italy.

The nearst airports are Genova and Pisa.

* Pisa - La Spezia - 1h 15min by car

* Genova - Levanto - 1h 10min by car

Other villages - aerea's to discover (nearby)

* Genova

* Portofino

* Levanto

* Portovenere

* Lerici

* Pisa

* Livorno (further south)