Travel hacks

Travel hacks

Everyone loves to travel, discover new places, new cultures, ... We love it all  !!!

Life is expensive so sometimes there's no money left for holiday, or you can't make a big trip.  But if you can save money on your holiday with some simple hacks, you can make it possible to make that trip.

People probably sometimes wonder, 'is he back abroad' or how he's doing it anyway '. The answer is simple 'travel hacks' and once you know how and when to use it you can save a lot of money. And ther's money left to spend on other things or make an extra trip.



My latest discovery is 'Quidco', an English cashback site that has well-known airline companies, hotel brands and car rental companies in their offer. I use this mainly for my hotels and car rentals. This gives me 8% discount at my car rental. For my hotelreservations, the discount is between 8% and 15%. In total, my hotel reservation is 20% (average) cheaper than someone else. (by cashback and loyalty program from hotel).

There's a sign up bonus of £6 if you register at 'Quidco'.

It works very easy. Just make an account at Quidco and search for your favorite brand. Follow the link and make your reservation or purchase. All your moves will be tracked and the discount will appear on your account.




This is a Belgian cashbask site. It works the same like the one above, but the percentage is lower if you compare the flight and hotel distributors. I use it for online shopping.

There's a sign up bonus of €5 if you register at 'Earnieland'.



Personally I think it's interesting to stay with one hotel group. This way you  can sign up for their loyalty program. This from Accorhotels (LeClubAccorhotels), they have several hotel brands in their offer.     From basic hotels to luxury resorts. My favorites are Mercure and Ibis Styles. Two types of hotels that value / quality are excellent.

You save points that you can use for your next reservation . Once you reach a higher level, the benefits only     become more interesting. For example, they offer you a free room upgrade, welcome drink, early check-in or late check-out, lounge access, exclusive promotions, etc.

You also get a better price which is 5% to 10% cheaper than the standard price. So it's always handy to create a free account.



Everyone flies from time to time, one more regularly than the other. Low-cost, charter, scheduled flight, ....

With most airlines you can create a free account and save air miles. It's not the big amount, but it's something.

Mostly I fly with Ryanair (low-cost, no air miles) but when I fly with another airline I always make an account with them. This will cost you a few minutes.

With some airlines you can transfer your air miles to another airline (same alliance) or to

a hotel brand.

So the air miles won't be lost if you only fly with that airline for one time.

For example, in 2017 I made a return flight with Royal air Maroc.

This from Amsterdam to Marrakech.

I earned around 6,000 air miles. Air maroc has a partnership with Accorhotels.

This allows you to transfer the air miles with

a ratio of 1: 1 to Accorhotels. So 120 € on hotel coupons.

The flight was also for free because I used 

a gift card!

Car rentals


Personally I find this is a difficult one.  The price changes daily. There are multiple suppliers.  Sometime you see the price is going down for a few days and suddenly the price rises sharply again. So when you think have the best price, you have to book it.

The past 2 years I had around 20 rentals, mostly with Firefly and Interrent. These two are low-cost rentals from better-known brands. With these rentals you do not have the latest models but they are fine. The price with these companies is between 7 € and 18 € per day.

Personally, I first look at the website of the renter himself and then at There was one rental Hertz had almost the same price as the low-cost distributor.  So keep looking and comparing.

If you rent a car several times a year, it is also interesting to take out a separate insurance policy. I conclude         this at ''. This costs me 54 € per year, so an average of 5 € per rental. Much cheaper          than buying an insurance every rental !! And there is a 20% cashback at Quidco.

Error fares


Everyone makes a mistake sometimes, we are just people. And this happens (fortunately) sometimes also with the airlines. Most things work automatically but there is still someone behind the computer, and if they enter a number incorrectly, you can get lucky to get that cheap ticket.

The most interesting error fares are those in Business Class. The prices are generally ¼ of the normal price. Of course, you have to be quick and

do not have to call around for hours to friends and family with the question if someone would be interested. No, they are only online for a few hours. So just book.

For example, in the summer of 2017 I was able to discover the Business Class of Qatar airways between Amsterdam and Tokyo for 640 €. A great experience and knowing that this ticket normally costs between €2500 and €3000. And another 43,000 air miles earned.

On the social media you can find companies specializing in this and post this on their Facebook page as soon as they find one.

The once I follow are 'TravelUnlimited', 'FlyNous', 'SecretFlying'. There are a lot more but it's the best to see in which region you are traveling. Some of these will post the same, so if your follow 10 of these you'll get the chance to see 10 times the same post. Follow the right once.

Open jaw flights


This may be a slightly more complex way of traveling, but if you can save a lot of money, why not.

Normally you travel from A to B and from B to A, the most logical / the shortest route but sometimes it is cheaper to travel from A to B and from C to A.

I will explain it with my open-jaw::

I fly from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur but fly back from Bangkok to Copenhagen. Of course, I still have to get from Istanbul to Brussels and from Copenhagen back to brussels.

Directly (or with 1 stopover) the flight would cost around 1000 € (Brussels to Central Asia in Christmas time), my flights (from Brussels) cost a total of 350 € (transport in Thailand not included). And still have the chance to visit Istanbul and Copenhagen.

** All red lines are the flights for a total cost of 350€


Recently discovered this hotel booking website. At Pointshound you can collect air miles with your hotel reservations.

Normally you will get between 200 and 800 air miles (depends on which frequent flyer program) with every reservation you will make.

Sometimes they have a promotion when you book for 2 nights you will get a bonus between 6.000 and 10.000 air miles. So keep an eye on it.

Its always nice to get air miles on a simple way. :)

So these are the hacks I use mostly. The hacks are basic, of course there are many more. But if you start with a few and try to understand some hacks, it will lead you to other hacks.

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK !!!